Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last night, my wonderful wife fixed me. I have this custom cyclocross bike that has no decals on it, so I thought it would be cool to order a custom made decal set to make it even more so an original. The decals that I ordered said, “INSANITY ELITE” for the bottom tube, and “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” for the top tube, and Man, I thought this was going to be cool. After I told my wife what I ordered, she calmly looked at me and asked, “So, how does that forward the cause of Christ?” I stood there with my mouth open, but nothing could come out. She was right, it didn’t do anything for the cause of Christ, and it didn’t bare good witness. My decal set has been canceled and re-ordered to say, “Live4Christ” for the bottom tube and, “Jesus Freak” for the top tube.

We must always remember that what we do reflects back on Christ…and can either move forward or backward His cause. So, do you want to be a help or a hindrance to the cause of Christ?