Wednesday, May 20, 2009

God Disciplines Those That Are His

I had an interesting evening last night. We went to BMX practice, and everything was going great! As I was sitting on the starting hill, resting with my helmet off, I decided to do an easy lap…so I didn’t feel that my helmet was necessary. (HA!) This became a wonderful opportunity for God, our Father, to teach me a good lesson…and he did. The one time that I went with-out the required safety gear, I went down hard, and face first. I give him thanks for not messing me up to bad, I have a small sand burn on my chin and cheek…it could have been a lot worse. So, when we are doing something wrong, and we get caught, in trouble or hurt…remember, God does love you, and He wants the best for you. And sometimes…we need disciplined to learn our lessons.