Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This first entry is very special to me, it's the reason why I decided to start this Blog and it’s something that is very near and dear to my heart. It’s about misunderstanding, and it’s about reason…our reason, the Christian reason for spreading the Gospel, the reason for spreading the Good News. And I cannot forget, it’s the reason behind telling the lost the truth about Heaven and the truth about Hell; the truth about salvation and the truth about condemnation.

The Canoe Trip

Two men decide to go down river in a canoe for a fishing trip. Nether of the men knew anything about the river they were about to embark on, but they figured, “What could go wrong?” they were just going on a fishing drift. As they were floating down the river they were catching a multitude of catfish, and were having the time of their lives, not recognizing that the water was moving faster. An experienced river guide spots these men from shore and decides to…

Now, let’s say you’re that experienced river guide on shore, and you know that there’s a 75 foot waterfall approximately 500 yards down river, what do you do?

a) Yell out and warn the men to come to shore, that there’s a vicious waterfall ahead.
b) Just pray for them, that somehow God will miraculously lead them safely ashore.
c) Do nothing; I wouldn’t want to stop there fun.
d) Do nothing; they’re not hurting anyone but themselves.
e) Do nothing; they may not like me anymore if I interfere with they’re lives.
f) Do nothing; if they were stupid enough to go on the river with no experience, they deserve what they get.

Now ask yourself, which of those answers shows the most love for the men in the canoe? The sad thing is, we “Do nothing” everyday with our friends and family that are headed down a river toward Hell, simply because we don’t want to offend them, they’re not hurting anyone but themselves, or we wouldn’t want to stop their fun. Sometimes we just opt to just pray for them and other then that still do nothing.

I personally would rather offend someone telling them about Jesus, because I love them, then their blood being on my hands because I decided to do nothing.

True followers of Christ love lost people enough, to take action and tell them about Christ Jesus. We love them enough to tell them the truth about Heaven and Hell; we love them enough to tell them about Salvation and Condemnation; we love them enough to tell them we love them.


Biblical References For This Post:

1. Matthew 5:43-48
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