Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Little More on Adoption

If you’ve ever thought about adoption of an older child, you need to consider the way we treat God and His adoption of us. When a child is introduced into your home, at first there might be a lot of, or an appearance of extreme joy from the child. There’s this fairy-tale vision of how things will be in a family, as if, they will get what ever their little heart desires…a dream world…a fantasy, that there’ll never be another problem. But as normality set’s in, the children take on a different type of behavior. We start to see the self centeredness, and start to get some rebellion, or maybe a better explanation, complacency to the house rules. They seem to loose interest in the family. Now, this is not about every child in an adoptive home, but simply some.

The same can be said about our adoption by God. When we first become Christians, we are so excited! We are beaming with Joy! Then as time goes on, we become complacent with or try to reinterpret God’s house rules, we become rebellious and fight change. We forget about the grace, God’s Grace that allowed us to be adopted in the first place. We forget that God did not owe us anything and we start treating God as if he does. God does not owe us anything, but he gives to us simply because he loves us, just as we give to our children out of love.


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